Video Game PR: 10 Top Tips – 3. Know Your USP

We’re writing about our top tips for marketing and PRing your game. Two this week to compensate for the Christmas break. Number three: knowing why you’re awesome…

Why are you making your game?

It might sound like an odd question, but it’s an important one to ask. The reason you’re making your game could well become your unique selling point.

Having a unique selling point is vital when marketing any product. Even if your aim is to position yourself alongside competitors, in order to be successful your game absolutely must have something that sets it apart. Otherwise, people will stick to what they know.

Often, the reason you’re making your game is the selling point, because you’ve probably spotted something that you think you could do better. Perhaps you’re making an adventure game because you hate the way most adventure game puzzles are designed. Maybe you wanted to take an existing genre and fit it with a new and interesting mechanic. Perhaps there’s a story behind what got you into game development in the first place. All of these things can be spun into your unique selling point, which should sit at the heart of your marketing campaign.

And these USPs are often intrinsically linked to that thing at the very heart of your game, that spark that makes the game work. It’s often helpful to work towards an ‘elevator pitch’ – a very short, concise summary of your game that gets straight to why people should sit up and take notice. Try to make it a single sentence if you can.

Having an elevator pitch that demonstrates you get your USP is vital in any form of PR. People’s glances are fleeting, and you need to grab attention immediately.

Without knowing what makes your game stand out from the crowd, and without having a way of quickly and easily conveying that, other people are going to struggle to see what makes your game special too. So make sure you know why you’re making your game, what makes it awesome, and why other people should sit up and take notice. If you get this, and you believe in this, then other people will likely start feeling the same.

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