Video Game PR: 10 Top Tips – 4. Understand Your Targeting

We’re going tip-crazy, giving you our ten top tips in video game marketing and PR. Number four: Saving time, resources and effort by understanding your audience, and making them your focus…

How big’s your address book? Ours is pretty big. But then, we rarely use all of it. In fact, we rarely rely on more than – at a guess – ten per cent of our contacts list for each mailout.

Similarly, when we’re handling social media or digital marketing campaigns, the number of people we actually choose to promote our clients’ games to is microscopically tiny in the scheme of things.

So why, when we have such an enormous potential audience, do we choose to limit ourselves so strictly?

The answer is targeting – otherwise known as ‘saving yourself a crapload of time, effort and money.’

People like feeling respected. People like feeling special. If someone’s having a party, and they phone you specifically to invite you, isn’t that nice? Isn’t it much better than receiving that Facebook invitation with a hundred other people on the list?

That’s how targeting works. It isn’t just about skimming away the people who are unlikely to be interested in your game (although it is very much about that too). It’s also about ensuring that those you do target feel like you’re targeting them.

Doing a bit of research into who’s likely to play your game, or write about your game, based on previous results of other people’s marketing endeavours, can be easier than you might think. It allows you to reach the right people more efficiently, and gives you time left over to hone your pitch.

By limiting the number of targets in your campaign, you can focus more time and attention on the people who do matter. We call them “champions” and they’ll be the people who help you spread the word about your game.

That’s why building meaningful relationships with these champions is important, but that’s a post for another day. For now, just understand that sometimes, the less-is-more approach really does work in terms of your promotional outreach.

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