Video Game PR: 10 Top Tips – 5. Prepare for Trial and Error

After an unreasonable delay with our 10 video game PR tips (sorry about that!), we’re back with a new top tip. This time, why universal solutions don’t exist – and why it’s important to find the right technique for your game.

Here’s an uncomfortable truth about the world of PR: sometimes, despite your best efforts, your hours of strategic planning, your reading of marketing theory and your friendliness with a whole bunch of influential people in your field… sometimes, your PR campaign just doesn’t work.

And if you go into it with that knowledge, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, effort and worry along the way.

It’s super important to try things out. A game that looks a sure hit with a bit of Facebook community massaging could well turn out to be hated by everyone you thought was your target demographic. Don’t get disheartened. Do what you can to quell the disquiet, and move on.

Perhaps you’re sure a particular publication will adore your new action-adventure. You send them a build… only to find it gets no coverage, there or anywhere else, drowned out in a sea of other action-adventures that happened to do a mailout at the same time. Frustrating, but these things happen – even the biggest and best PR firms and the most experienced professionals don’t have anything close to a hundred percent hit rate. Dust yourself off. Try again with a slightly different technique.

Of course, this goes deeper too – the particular way we present and word emails to different types of publications is something we’re constantly interrogating at BeefJack Promote, for example – but the key take-home message is that some techniques will work for some games and not others, and it’s not always so cut-and-dry as to be 100 percent sure in advance of which approach is best. As such, it’s crucial to build time and resources for experimentation with any promotional campaign. Not only will it yield you the best results, it’ll save you a lot of headaches in the process.

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