Video game PR: 10 top tips

How to market your game: Our ten top publicity and PR tips to help your game stand out…

Here at BeefJack Promote, we often get asked for our top tips on marketing and promoting video games. Especially if you’re making and indie game, and you’re not a AAA studio owned and marketed by a global enormo-corp, how can you make your game stand out from the crowd when pitching it to journalists, editors, YouTubers and other potential champions?

It used to be that a well-written press release and some pretty screenshots would be enough to get your game in the pages of the biggest mags on the shelves. Nowadays, in a games industry that’s growing by the day, the competition is a lot more fierce. But it’s not impossible to succeed if you know how.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be sharing with you some of our top tips for giving your game the best possible chance of success. If you’d like to find out more about any of them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always game for a chat.

1. Start early

Don’t wait until launch…

2. Make everyone’s lives easy

Removing barriers to entry…

3. Know your USP

Writing the elevator pitch…

4. Understand your targeting

Trimming the fat…

5. Prepare for trial and error

Universal solutions don’t exist…

6. Build real relationships

People who like you are more likely to help… [coming soon]

7. Ask questions

And listen to feedback… [coming soon]

8. Review your product and materials

Going back to the drawing board… [coming soon]

9. Track your results in depth

Looking for trends… [coming soon]

10. Have a back-up plan

When things go wrong… [coming soon]

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